Industrial Customers:-

We use the latest technology in energy-saving and co-generating systems to design cost-effective installations for our clients. We install efficient equipment designed to reduce operating costs as well as to extend the performance and lifetime of the machinery.

Some of the services we offer includes::

  • Installation of power generators
  • Installation of specialized machinery
  • Overhaul of electric motors and controls
  • Building maintenance
  • Installation of power distribution and switchboards
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Servicing of power tools and appliances
  • Distribution and control of DC
  • Installation and servicing of Co-Generation and CHP Systems
  • Installation and servicing of Variable Frequency Drives
  • Servicing for Voltage Improvement and Stability
  • Surge Suppression and Transient Suppression
  • Improvement of Power Factor
  • Mitigation of Broadband Harmonics
  • Mitigation of Specific Harmonics
  • Protection for Intermittent Supply Failure
  • Installation of Standby Generators
  • Protection from Brownouts
  • Synthesis for Phase Loss