Commercial Customers:-

We have been working with our commercial customers for over six years. We offer services to businesses as well as offices and even entire buildings. We offer both initial installation as well as renovation services to our commercial customers. Because we know time is money and our commercial customers cannot afford to lose time, we can work on short notice and overtime to complete projects when our customers need them done. We have experienced staff members who can complete estimates and bids quickly so that our customers can get projects approved and started promptly. Our licensed, experienced electricians are ready to complete any project on budget and within the deadline.All our work is guaranteed and licensed and you can rest assured that projects will be completed on time, up to code, and with the utmost quality.

Some of the services we offer our commercial customers:

  • Installation and renovation of all electrical services
  • Installation of additional circuits and lighting
  • Installation and repair of indoor lighting
  • Installation of commercial lighting controls
  • Installation of motor controls and transformers
  • Installation, servicing and repair of 120/208 volt and 347/600 volt 3 Phase Circuits
  • Installation of outdoor security lighting
  • Installation, servicing and repair of parking lot lighting
  • Wiring for machinery equipment
  • Installation of emergency/exit lighting
  • Design and installation of lighting
  • Installation of phone and data lines
  • Installation of audio/video systems
  • Installation of CATV/CCTV systems
  • Installation of security systems
  • Installation of flat screen televisions
  • Installation of fire alarms, smoke detectors and CO detectors
  • Installation and servicing of intercoms
  • Code infraction corrections
  • Installation of commercial signs
  • Installation and servicing of cash registers